Brand Designer

Alexandros Kodopoulos
Brand Designer

After two decades working for top design firms (20 years in 2018), I now spend my time designing beautiful things and helping my own clients.
Specializing in both print (business cards, brochures, posters, packaging) and interactive design (website & social media) my true passion is branding and designing logos.
I’m here to help make the best of your visual communication.


Sotiris Skoufis

I enjoyed every minute of working with Kodo. Such a pleasant guy, and when the logos starting raining...omg. Such great designs. Maybe i should open up more businesses so that i can use more of them :-). Excellent collaboration! Thank you kodo!

Sotiris Skoufis / owner of Evapollo apartments

Ananiadis Nikos

So many and so nice concepts i couldn't even pick one. Very easy to talk to, very smart in his designs, spot on, great collaboration. I strongly suggest working with Kodo with your rebranding.

Nikos Ananiadis / General surgent / Owner of Breast Clinic Thessaloniki

Mouzas Athanasios

I was completely satisfied cause Kodo was accurate, helpful, with endless imagination and creativity. I highly recommend him for all of you out there! 

Mouzas Athanasios / Msc. civil engineer / owner of Raptor constructions

Εγγλέζος Κωσταντίνος

Great to work with, always on time with great presentations and his logo ... i never thought forklifts could have a good brand design. How he did that i don't even know. Highly recommend him for your rebranding!

Εγγλέζος Κωσταντίνος ceo at Egglezos Forklifts SA