Brand Designer

Alexandros Kodopoulos
Brand Designer

After two decades working for top design firms (20 years in 2018), I now spend my time designing beautiful things and helping my own clients.
Specializing in both print (business cards, brochures, posters, packaging) and interactive design (website & social media) my true passion is branding and designing logos.
I’m here to help make the best of your visual communication.


Martha Tsamasli

Kodo design has a modern aesthetic and is excellent at creating original images! 

Martha Tsamasli owner at.zillion

Αργύρης Τσατσάς

Τόσο ο Αλέξανδρος όσο και οι συνεργάτες του διέπονται από εξαιρετικό επαγγελματισμό. Η μέχρι τώρα συνεργασία μας, έχει αποδειχθεί άκρως δημιουργική και βοηθητική από μέρους του. Στα πολλά, διαφορετικού ύφους, project που έχει αναλάβει, κατάφερε να συνδυάσει αρμονικά το μοντέρνο design, με το ανάλογο κύρος που απαιτείται και επιζητούμε.

Αργύρης Τσατσάς Marketing Coordinator at airblock

special taste

Το Kodo design είναι αυτό που χρειάζεσαι. Ο Αλέξανδρος έχει φοβερές ιδέες και γρήγορη υλοποίηση. Το ιδιαίτερο του γούστο τον κάνει ιδανικό για κάθε concept.

Dimitrios Emmanouilidis founder of emmanouilidisbros

variety of ideas

His professional approach, the variety of ideas, his research and guidance were the details that made the difference.

George P. / owner at Hill Valley

energy and imagination

Excellent partner with great energy and imagination in his work ! Just perfect in every way!

Xenofon D. / owner at print solutions

the best designs for your logo

Very helpful! With many and beautiful proposals, and most importantly, he understands the style and feel of your space in order to come up with the best designs for your logo!

Stratos K / owner at Amal Cocktail Bar

imagination and creation

Some people are just born to do what that Alex does, imagination and creation. Quality and support is just his daily routine.

George Mitsoudis / owner at Fixit

vision and passion

A brand that combines vision and passion. A great knowledge of the marketing values combined with clear craftsmanship in the graphic designs department. Innovative ideas on product design and development. A team of trusted professionals.

Dimitris Samartzidis / owner New Matic Shoes

Sotiris Skoufis

I enjoyed every minute of working with Kodo. Such a pleasant guy, and when the logos starting raining...omg. Such great designs. Maybe i should open up more businesses so that i can use more of them :-). Excellent collaboration! Thank you kodo!

Sotiris Skoufis / owner of Evapollo apartments

Ananiadis Nikos

So many and so nice concepts i couldn't even pick one. Very easy to talk to, very smart in his designs, spot on, great collaboration. I strongly suggest working with Kodo with your rebranding.

Nikos Ananiadis / General surgent / Owner of Breast Clinic Thessaloniki

Mouzas Athanasios

I was completely satisfied cause Kodo was accurate, helpful, with endless imagination and creativity. I highly recommend him for all of you out there! 

Mouzas Athanasios / Msc. civil engineer / owner of Raptor constructions

Εγγλέζος Κωσταντίνος

Great to work with, always on time with great presentations and his logo ... i never thought forklifts could have a good brand design. How he did that i don't even know. Highly recommend him for your rebranding!

Εγγλέζος Κωσταντίνος ceo at Egglezos Forklifts SA