The Blind Pilots

Creator, owner and designer of the Blind Pilots

blind pilots project with artists dancing on stage and crowd watching Djs playing music

The Blind Pilots, a group of people, a concept an AIR-tistic project that combines an international photo exhibition that hosted more than 200 top photographers from around the Globe including usa Mexico Argentina Peru Italy France India Australia and so many more and with live music from Djs - (Glen Porter USA, Frenic England, Dj Kognitiff France, Finnebassen Norway, Mononone Grecee, Hugo Kant France), and with live art performances, live choreographic shows, art installations and cocktails.

Maintaining a page of 45.000 members on Facebook, 4.500 on Instagram and a clothing line.
Enjoy the blind pilots at the official website 

blind pilots project #1 banner design with schedule
blind pilots project #2 banner design with schedule
blind pilots 2 poster design
celebrities holding blind pilots project countdown
website on cellphone
website design home page
facebook posts with toms and photography contest announcements fo the BP project
project venue limani thessalonikis apothiki 3 with photography excibition
project photos in thessaloniki port with Glen Porter playing guitar R.I.P.
 mentos jerrys food track facebook posts for the blind pilots project
blind pilots clothing tags with cloth and string getting sewed
banner on wall backgroung for dJs playing music
magazine article featuring the blind pilots and t shirt with logotype
gerovasiliou ktima wine estate project and photo exhibition
aristotelous square banner display
cap design with brand logo printed