Branding Dvotion

Brand name, logo design and package design for Dvotion shoe care products

Dvotion shoe care kodo design

The process of creating a brand name was a triumph, especially considering the immense satisfaction expressed by the client. Those of us who possess rare, expensive shoes understand the dedication it takes to keep them impeccably clean, fresh, and looking brand new. This essence was encapsulated in the name "Dvotion."

When envisioning the logo, we aimed for a powerful design showcasing the initials DV, characterized by rounded corners that symbolize both strength and the gentleness necessary for maintaining the quality of shoes. Our choice of metal bottles for all products, adorned with minimal and transparent labels, reinforces an industrial aesthetic—a key objective for the brand. The juxtaposition of strength and weight with the stains, yet gentleness and delicacy with the shoes, embodies the brand's ethos.

logo design dvotion shoe care kodo
package design dvotion shoe care kodo
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