Branding Dvotion

Brand name, logo design and package design for Dvotion shoe care products

Dvotion shoe care kodo design

Coming up with a brand name was a success considering that the client was ever happier than we were. All of us that own rare expensive shoes are somehow devoted in keeping them clean and fresh and new. Thus the name Dvotion. As for the logo, a very strong design of the initials DV, but with rounded corners showing both strength but also the softness of the products and their great results. Metal bottles in all the products with minimal and transparent label design express a strong industrial looking product which was the goal of the brand. Strong and heavy with the stains but soft and delicate with the shoes.

logo design dvotion shoe care kodo
package design dvotion shoe care kodo
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kodo dvotion package design
Dvotion product line design
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Dvotion logo