Egglezos Forklifts

Logotype, corporate identity and website design for the best forklift service company in northern Greece. 

kodo rebranding Egglezos Forklifts logo stamp on paper

Egglezos is considered the best forklift service company in northern Greece. Designing a logo of a forklift lifting a box is anyones' first thought for a logo for Egglezos. My thought was to design this and at the same time make it unique and form the letter E inside the design. Success. Designing a logo that suits only your client and no one else is the goal. Success. Quite happy and satisfied both Egglezos and myself i then completed the identity design, the website, their business cards and numerous brochures. 

business cars with new logotype
new brand with old brand
corporate identity with branding elements on letterhead and business cards
website design home page
Egglezos brochure cover
Egglezos brochure inside pages spread printed on laminated papeer