Branding Trace n' Chase

Proud godfather and brand designer for sports cards and memorabilia agency

Trace n' Chase NBA Thessaloniki memorabilia agency printed in a flag

Very proud to display such work. NBA was always a part of my life i finally had the chance to brand something that truly touches myself to the core. Reminds me of my childhood, my mothers’ place, my worn out basketball shoes. I hanged the Mj jersey back on my office wall, and faced this branding challenge with love and outmost respect.
Coming up with a name was quite the challenge because this market is very specific and speaks a certain language. Trace n' Chase was born after a lot of wordplays and out of the box thinking. The logo design is influenced by the numbers on the NBA jerseys, especially the ones from the 90's. Cards, brochures, bags, stickers, badges, member cards, social media templates and of course the web design were all part of the brand design for this trading agency. 

Basketball court with trace n chase logotype print in the middle
golden stamp for envelopes with logo design engraved
laminate Business cards of corporate identity in velvet paper
sticker design in colors with negative logotype
logo Tn'C displayed in golden color on rough paper
website design in 3d display monitors of TnC memorabilia eshop